Thursday, January 24, 2013

Showing The Glacial Pace Of CNG Fueling, 4 CNG Stations In West Virginia Move Forward

Four gas fueling stations are being built on I-79 in West Virginia, and, unfortunately, that is very much news.

I say unfortunately it's news, because the pace of deploying gas fueling infrastructure across the nation is glacial. In the sixth year of a national shale gas boom, about 0.1% or one in a thousand vehicles on the road run on gas in the USA. Though we have the gas, CNG transportation in America remains well behind adoption in Italy and other countries. 

The fact is the US motoring public will not switch in significant numbers from expensive, dirty oil to cheaper, cleaner gas for transportation, unless and until a comprehensive alternative fueling infrastructure exists. Four more CNG stations in West Virginia is a baby step and comes when the nation should be taking giant leaps forward to roll out CNG fueling and electricity charging stations from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

Indeed, Pennsylvania should be a leader in creating that alternative fueling infrastructure but it's not a leader at all in doing so. In fact, the Commonwealth is even falling behind West Virginia and other states.

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