Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Representative Vitali May Challenge PA Congressional Redistricting

Inspired by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court throwing out the gerrymandering of Pennsylvania's state legislative districts,  State Representative Greg Vitali is seeking an attorney to challenge Pennsylvania's Congressional lines.  Vitali has been exploring challenging Congressman Patrick Meehan who is the beneficiary of  the most gerrymandered district in the nation, and that really is saying something.

The Pennsylvania gerrymandering of the district lines for Congress is enormous, probably the worse in the nation, though again the competition is tough. But most challenges under federal law fail.  It will be an uphill climb to reverse what really is a travesty to democracy and competitive elections.

In Pennsylvania, the Republican party had complete control of the redistricting process and have picked the voters that they want for each district. Pennsylvania joins Illinois, where the Democratic Party controlled redistricting, as classic examples of the old saying that partisan redistricting allows politicians to pick voters and prevents voters from picking politicians.

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