Monday, January 2, 2012

The Full Top 11 Facts Of 2011

Here is in one posting the full list of top 2011 Facts. See posts for December 30, 31, and today for discussion of each Top 11 Fact, including the Number 1 Fact.

1. Three dollar natural gas and all that it meant.
2. Solar pricing drops to $3.45 per watt and up to 2,000 megawatts deployed.
3. Energy efficiency boom and US energy consumption drops to 2000 level.
4. EPA enacts Cross State Air Pollution and Air Toxic Rules.
5. Global investment in renewable energy power plants exceeds fossil fuel
6. US carbon emissions fall to 1998 levels and for 4 of last 6 years.
7. Germany adopts goal of 35% renewables by 2020 and exits nuclear power.
8. California increases renewable standard to 33% by 2020.
9. Corporate Average Fuel Economy for passenger cars increased to 54.5 mpg.
10. 231 coal units or 48,000 megawatts to be closed by 2022.
11. No electricity rate shock in PA when rate caps end.

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