Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PA Wind Industry Launches Buy PA Wind Campaign

Featuring an internet one-stop shopping and information site, billboards, and other education efforts, the Pennsylvania wind industry launched yesterday a major campaign to encourage big and small electricity consumers to buy wind power from Pennsylvania wind farms.

The heart of the Choose PA wind campaign is  The site provides information and enables consumers to buy Pennsylvania wind power from companies ready to sell.

The campaign seeks to persuade two groups of consumers to buy wind power generated in the Commonwealth.  The first group is made of consumers who have bought green electricity but from green generators outside of Pennsylvania, perhaps even from wind farms in Texas.  The second group are consumers who have yet to switch their electricity supply to renewable energy.

Buying locally generated wind in Pennsylvania insures that the purchase reduces air pollution from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.  It cuts sickness and premature deaths caused by air pollution.  It slashes the personal carbon footprint, since the electricity powering a typical home causes twice the pollution as a family car.

Buying locally generated wind in Pennsylvania also means more wind farms will be built in Pennsylvania, protecting the thousands of existing wind industry jobs here and creating thousands more.

Supporters of the campaign include the American Lung Association, Sierra Club, PennFuture, Clean Air Council.  Among the many wind companies leading the Choose PA Wind campaign are Everpower, Gamesa, Own Energy.  I am assisting the campaign and also buy 100% locally produced wind energy for my home.

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  1. Wind farms slaughter birds! Endangered birds!