Monday, January 16, 2012

$7 to $3.20 Per Watt For Solar In Harrisburg PA

The solar revolution is not just shining on California and Southwest states. It has reached Harrisburg Pennsylvania where prices for a 50 kilowatt rooftop solar system are now just $3.20 per watt, down from $7 just since 2009.

Those price facts come from Doug Neidich, a friend and businessman, who builds sustainable commercial real estate projects, runs a restaurant, and is a board member of a local hospital. Three years ago Doug installed a 48 kilowatt system in Harrisburg that was at the time one of the largest in Pennsylvania. On Friday of last week, Doug said he had just received a $3.20 bid from Advanced Solar Industries, a solar installer, for his second rooftop system in Harrisburg.

The price drop is so great that Doug is thinking of expanding his next solar system from 50 to 250 kilowatts. Revolutionary solar prices are now powering the solar revolution that gains strength as prices go down, down, down!


  1. So why is there all this talk about rate increases to subsidize solar? I don't get it. Do we need the tax credits or not?

  2. Any talk about electricity rates going up because os solar is largely incorrect. The decline in solar pricing of $3.80 cents per watt in less than 3 years for solar projects in Harrisburg is real and the price decline exceeds the value of state subsidies that have largely expired or fallen to very low levels. The federal 30% tax credit cuts a $3.20 solar price to $2.14. At that price the solar project is at or below grid parity over 25 years. The biggest hurdle to solar now is upfront capital. At these prices, solar will return more than a 30 year treasury bond. It is a very interesting investment.