Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stunning Fact: California Has 100,000 Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming common on California's roads.  According to the Los Angeles Times, California has 100,000 electric vehicles registered.  More than 400,000 hybrid vehicles are also registered in California.,0,6916890.story.

The significant changes in the California vehicle fleet, plus $4 gasoline in 2008 and again in 2011 forcing less driving,  puts California on track to use 3.5% less gasoline in 2011 than in 2002, despite adding 8.3% more driving licenses, according to the LA Times.

The number of electric vehicles in California will soon exceed the number of natural gas vehicles in the USA that stands at 120,000.  Most of the natural gas vehicles, however, are heavy duty trucks and buses that would be using a lot of oil products, while I suspect that the electric vehicles in California are disproportionately passenger cars.  Still today the only natural gas passenger vehicle available for sale in the USA is the Honda Civic.

 The Volt goes on sale shortly in PA.  My sister who lives in Maryland has ordered a Volt that will arrive in 4 weeks and which will be parked in front of her solar powered home.Yesterday I talked with the businessman who is installing 3 public electric charging stations in the Philadelphia suburbs.

The pace of change in transportation is quickening and spreading beyond California.

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