Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Citizens Marcellus Commission Issues Useful Report

The Citizens Marcellus Commission issued a report that is well worth reading.  Go to  Co-Chair Dan Surra also did an excellent job of explaining the report to members of the media and the public.

Plainly there are some sharp disagreements between the Citizens Marcellus Commission and the Governor's Marcellus Commission over issues like pooling, the amount of tax/fee revenue and the uses of the revenue, and possibly local zoning, further leasing of state forests, and drilling in state parks.

But the Citizens Marcellus Commission Report provides a basis for what could be a useful dialogue between people with quite different views about gas production and its role in our energy choices.  Such a dialogue would not produce a consensus, but it would create greater understanding, narrow some differences, and even find some common ground.

I appreciate the work of those involved with this Report. They have opened a door for more constructive dialogue. Thank you.

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