Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cornell Profs Will Debunk Howarth

Professor Howarth has brought considerable attention to Cornell University with his infamously flawed study concluding that "gas is as dirty as coal" on carbon emissions.  No study in the history of Cornell gained more media or public attention.  But some professors at Cornell University felt Howarth's shoddy work that has been debunked by other studies besmirched a great university's reputation.

In a probably unspoken effort to protect Cornell's good name as well as the integrity of science, now more professors at Cornell University are finishing another life-cycle study of the carbon emissions of gas and coal.  The study apparently contradicts Howarth and will soon be published in  a peer reviewed journal.

Perhaps the NYT gas reporter will bother to inform the NYT readers about the Cornell smackdown of Howarth.  I actually highly doubt it, since he did not write one word about the CMU study financed by the Sierra Club or the Worldwatch Institute study, both of which found coal is twice as dirty as gas, after he rushed a major story into the NYT when Howarth's false work was released.

Look no further than the NYT gas reporter's coverage and non-coverage of the gas-coal carbon studies for why good people are dangerously misinformed about critical climate issues.

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  1. This is the first glimpse I've seen on the results from The Other Cornellians: