Friday, October 21, 2011

NRG CEO Sees 50 Million EVs

The year 2014 will be the pivotal year for Electric Vehicles, according to David Crane, the electricity chief executive who is thinking ahead.

In 2014, Nissan will increase its US electric car production ten-fold to 250,000. If Nissan sells, its production Crane predicts that electric car adoption will be much faster than most now think.

Crane stuck his neck out and predicted that 50 million or more electric cars could be on our roads by 2025.

To position NRG as a fuel supplier to electric cars, Crane has his company rolling out public charging stations in Houston and some other markets.

Early indications are that car drivers like the driving experience offered by this era's electric cars so Crane may be gaining a good first mover advantage. Hertz reports that it would like to have 3,000 electric cars to meet all the requests it receives for EV rentals but only has a small fraction of what it would like. Hertz further states that drivers who do rent an EV have strongly favorable driving reactions.

EVs cost about 3 cents per mile to fuel compared to 15 cents for many gasoline vehicles. Low fuel costs can improve the mood of today's drivers.

Just possibly 50 million EVs by 2025 may come true.

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