Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Koch Funds Confirm Hockey Stick Validity

The validity of Professor Mann's hockey stick showing rapid, recent warming has been recently confirmed by three separate studies, including the blockbuster study just released by Professor Muller and partially funded by the Koch brothers. Muller's data is also reportedly virtually identical to Professor Mann's hockey stick.

Professor Mann and Penn State University have been subjected to unrelenting, vicious, and false attacks by conservative groups and politicians within and without Pennsylvania. The odds are high that some of the attacks were fueled by Koch money, though some groups doing the attacks will not reveal any of their funding sources.

Justice lives. Thank you to Professor Muller and even the Koch Brothers for confirming the hockey stick.

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  1. The sad fact, as stated by Jon Stewart, is Richard Muller's reversal only got 26 seconds of cable TV airtime. It need to bo front page news, so that we can get the nonsence out of the way ond start working our way out of the mess we find ouselves in between the climate and ocean acidification.