Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pledge Politics: Corbett For Vice President?

Grover Norquist tweeted the love for Governor Corbett: "Pa gov Tom Corbett. Pledge taker and keeper. Possible VP now or prez in 2016,2020."

 Lieutenant Governor Cawley is smiling. Hail to the Chief.

But a lot of Pennsylvanians are griping that Norquist is the Chief.  It also turns out that the Norquist pledge is for life.  No new taxes ever, ever, ever.

Republican House Member Tom Creighton was surprised to learn that he was listed as a Norquist Pledge Taker, and was quoted in an AP story as saying: "Why would I delegate my responsibility to a pledge? It's my job. I'm a no-tax guy, but occasionally, you have to raise taxes.  There are times when taxes are needed."

Blowback against Norquist is growing in Pennsylvania.

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