Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walmart Accelerates Becoming A Renewable Energy Company: 300 Solar Systems Today & Enough Renewable Power For 700,000 Homes By 2020

Walmart's embrace of renewable energy and energy efficiency is stunning.  It already has operating 300 solar or other renewable energy systems on the roofs and at the sites of its global facilities. By 2010, it was producing 1 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable power or enough for 100,000 US homes.

And now Walmart is accelerating its plunge into becoming a renewable energy power company.  It will have enough renewable generation systems or green purchases to total 7 billion kilowatt-hours per year of renewable power by 2020. That extraordinary number is the equivalent of the power needed for 700,000 US homes.

Combined with its extensive investment in energy efficiency, Walmart expects its renewable generation to cut costs by $1 billion per year and to slash its carbon emissions by an amount equal to removing 1.5 billion cars per year.  Cheaper and cleaner goes together once more!

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