Friday, April 26, 2013

Hybrid Cars Hit 14% Of Toyota Sales & Make Toyota World's Number 1 Auto Manufacturer

What both is a key to making Toyota the world's number 1 manufacturer and driving down US oil demand? Hybrid autos and their growing sales.  Just consider these facts.

An impressive 14% of Toyota's sales are already hybrids, and the total is growing.

Toyota reports that ii sold more than 5 million hybrids globally, that sales of the Prius in the USA will be 250,000 this year, and that it is bringing to the market another 18 hybrid models.

Hybrid buyers look to lighten their gas costs and to lighten their environmental footprint and are achieving both as more and more hybrid models reach the marketplace.  Indeed, collectively hybrids are driving down US oil demand by using oil more efficiently and substituting electricity for oil in ever greater quantities.

Toyota and happy hybrid car drivers are driving forward revolutionary change in transportation!

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