Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Corbett's Miracle": 33,000 People Left PA Labor Market In March--Highest Monthly Drop Since 1983

An incredible 33,000 people left the Pennsylvania labor market during March.  That is the biggest one month drop since 1983.  This huge collapse caused columns cracking about the "Corbett Miracle." See:

March's mass exit from the Pennsylvania labor market demonstrates again that Corbett's belief that gas drilling can and will bring broad prosperity to Pennsylvanians is fundamentally mistaken.  Again, no single industry can do that.

March's mass exit also coincides with Governor Corbett's second foreign trade trip.  The most recent was 10 days in Brazil and Chile and produced supposedly 74 jobs and followed a lengthy trip in 2011 to France and Germany that to date has produced apparently a handful or no jobs.

Broad prosperity requires world class education, not 19,000 education layoffs and rising school taxes in 70% of school districts.  Broad prosperity requires substantial investment in roads, bridges, water, sewer, telecommunications, grid, fueling infrastructure.  It requires embracing higher education, innovation, and public-private partnerships.

As a result of "Corbett's Miracle," Pennsylvanians are giving up looking for work in record numbers, and Pennsylvania ranks 49th or 50th in job creation. Those facts make most Pennsylvanians ready for a new Governor.

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