Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stunning Fact: PA Jobs Growth Rank Falls From 13th To 49th Since March 2011

The business school at Arizona State University runs a monthly jobs growth index tracking job creation in all 50 states.  With its oil and gas boom, North Dakota ranks number 1 in the ASU index. California is creating thousands of jobs once more and ranks 6th.  New York is 32nd.  As for Pennsylvania, read and weep!

ASU ranks Pennsylvania 49th during the last 12 months, because ASU uses the seasonally non-adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in BLS Table 6.  Pennsylvania would rank 50th, if the seasonally adjusted data in BLS Table 5 were used.

Moreover, the trend in Pennsylvania is worsening.  ASU ranked Pennsylvania 13th for the period March 2010 to March 2011 or for essentially the last year of the Rendell Administration.  Pennsylvania fell to 39th for March 2011 to March 2012 or during the first year of the Corbett Administration. And as Governor Corbett worked his jobs magic for a second full year, Pennsylvania fell to its current disastrous 49th position in the ASU rankings.

Corbett's mistakes now have come home to roost.  His massive attacks on education caused 19,000 lost jobs and 70% of local school districts to raise school taxes, while often laying off teachers. Corbett's under- investing in roads, bridges, and infrastructure and neglecting health care, agriculture, and clean energy made job creation worse.

Few Pennsylvanians currently know that their state has gone first from 13th to 39th and now to 49th in job creation during Corbett's term.  But they will soon enough.  As national rankings like those of ASU make clear, the jobs disaster of the Corbett Administration can no longer hide.

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