Thursday, December 29, 2011

Telling Iran To Shove It: 1100 Miles on 3.4 Gallons

My sister bought a Volt in November and has driven 1100 miles on 3.4 gallons of gasoline. She has averaged more than 320 miles per gallon.

The Volt is primarily used to drive 25 miles to work, where she charges it, and 25 miles back home. It is also perfect for local errands, while maintaining the flexibility for long trips.
Public charging stations would add to the flexibility of the vehicle.

Driving 1100 miles on 3.4 gallons saved her money, prevented pollution, and strongly tells Iran and the other oil blackmailers to shove it.

Electric vehicles, CNG vehicles, and biofueled vehicles all run well, cheaply, cleanly, and freely. Fueled by America, they are the ayatollahs nightmare.


  1. Good for her.Wonder what she would get if recharging wasn't available at work?

  2. She uses a regular outlet at work; no special charger.

  3. We can rid ourselves of the tyranny of oil with electric cars and we can cut carbon pollution because the electric grid is getting cleaner all the time with wind power and natural gas replacing dirty coal. Gasoline will only get dirtier to produce with more production coming from areas like the Canadian Tar Sands. And the other important fact is that electric cars are more efficient than gas powered cars because electric cars don't have the wasted energy in excess heat and they only consume energy when depressing the accelerator (doesn't make sense to call it a gas pedal in an electric car)

  4. John, which electric car do you think will jump start the electric car revolution? I love my Chevy Volt but the price will probably prevent most from considering buying one. I think the plug in Prius will probably start the electric car revolution since the price will be more affordable and it will have gas back up to prevent range anxiety and the Toyota Prius already has a great reputation as a green reliable car.

  5. Plug In Prius has the great advantage of being the next step up in one of the most successful models/cars ever made. Good guess.

    Ford Focus EV looks interesting too. As you know, there are lots of EV models coming to showrooms in the next 2 years.

    Batteries are getting better. Price of oil is the usual big variable.