Thursday, December 8, 2011

PA Turnpike To Install EV Charging Stations

Soon it will be possible to travel the entire length of the Pennsylvania Turnpike from New Jersey To Ohio or from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh using electricity in an electric vehicle and recharge as needed.

As part of the builiding wave to substitute domestic energy for oil, a public-private partnership will be bringing EV charging stations to every rest area on the Pennsylvania Turnpike within two years.  Each rest area will have at least two Level 3 charging stations that can recharge a car within 20 minutes and one Level 2 charger.  Rest areas that can be accessed in both directions will have twice the number of charging stations.

The investment to get this infrastructure will come from a private company that will match a state grant.  Total investment will be approximately $2 million.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike was the nation's first toll road and will be among the longest stretches of highway with full EV charging.

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