Thursday, December 22, 2011

Everpower Announces Its 4th PA Wind Farm

Everpower is on a role and will have more than 300 megawatts of wind power operating by 2012 in Pennsylvania, making it Pennsylvania's leading wind power developer and operator.

 Everpower this week announced it would build in 2012 the Patton Wind Farm, a 30 megawatt facility in Cambria County. The Patton wind farm will be Everpower's third  in Cambria county and Everpower's 4th in Pennsylvania.

Everpower's other Pennsylvania wind farms are the 62.5 megawatt Highland wind farm that began operations in 2009; the 75 megawatt Highland North Wind farm that will begin operations any day; and the 140 megawatt Twin Ridges wind farm located in Somerset County that will be built in 2012.

The Patton wind farm is a community wind project that was started by Saint Francis University's Renewable Energy Center that made possible wind measurements of the site.  OwnEnergy and Marty Yahner, a local landowner, did substantial development work at the site.  OwnEnergy has now sold its interest to Everpower who will build and operate the Patton wind farm.

The construction of the Patton wind farm will employ 100 workers, with most coming from the local area.  The project will require 3 to 5 full-time jobs to maintain the wind farm over the next 30 years.

All the work will produce an electrical generation facility that will provide enough zero pollution electricity to supply 9,000 homes each year.

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