Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Perry Has One Sparring Partner Left--Mitt Romney.

Last night's Republican Presidential debate last night proved that ego alone explains why Gingrich, Cain, Santorum and Huntsman remain on the stage.  None of these men have the sense to leave, and no poll number is low enough to bring them to their senses (see the CNN poll below) so will someone show them the door? 

Governor Perry meanwhile had a good night,  taking some punches and landing doozies on Governor Romney, at least with the Republican faithful. Judging by the crowd's reaction, attacking Social Security as a "monstrous lie," "fraud," and "ponzi scheme" is good politics in Republican primary fights. 

Life has ironies, and one would be that both Social Security and the shale gas industry have been falsely charged with being a ponzi scheme.  Whether the attack comes from the left or right, hurling the ponzi scheme charge is a debating nuke in the age of Madoff.

Bachmann who has called Social Security a fraud and has run a credible campaign, until this moment, should now walk through the exit door and  prove that she has a political future by doing so. Show some discipline.

The wheels are off Bachmann's campaign, with her polling numbers at 4%, behind Newt, and Ed Rollins dropping her like a bad betting ticket.  Trailing Newt is really low. 

Look no further than Rick Perry to know why Bachmann is done.  Perry is a pro. 

Bachmann should do a Pawlenty and get out of the race, except endorse Perry and not Romney, as Pawlenty did yesterday.

CNN published a poll last night showing Perry at 30%, Romney at 18%, Paul 12%, Gingrich 5%, Cain 5%, and Bachmann 4%.  The Fox News Poll also has Bachmann at 4%.  Don't ask about Santorum and Huntsman! 

This is really a two person race, even though Paul is in double digits, since he has as much chance of winning the Republican nomination as President Obama.  Governor Perry has the race in his hands, with Mitt Romney reduced to a sparring partner, if not a punching bag. 


  1. Any thoughts on why Pileggi, Corman, et al endorsed Santorum?

  2. Friendship. Nothing more or less. Senator Santorum was a powerful, leading Republican and he has friends from campaigns and serving 12 years. In PA, you don't need to buy a dog to have a friend.