Monday, September 26, 2011

PA Is More Than Gas: 3 More New Wind Farms This Year

Pennsylvania is not Marcellus gas and nothing but Marcellus gas. For example, 3 more wind farms will begin operating by the end of 2011. 

They are the 46 megawatt South Chestnut wind farm owned by Ibedrola that will begin operations in 2 weeks; the 50 megawatt Sandy Ridge wind farm owned by Gamesa; and the 75 megawatt Highland North wind farm owned by Everpower that will begin operations in November.

Together the three will add another 171 megawatts of wind power or enough for about another 50,000 homes.  They will boost the Pennsylvania total wind capacity to 922 megawatts from 751 megawatts.

922 megawatts of wind avoids large amounts of pollution that would otherwise be pumped into our air and water.  It also is significant electricity supply that lowers wholesale electricity prices and benefits consumers.

Wind is growing here and is already an important part of the Commonwealth's energy mix, providing jobs, tax payments, and income to landowners.   Still more wind farms  will begin operations in 2012 when Pennsylvania will join the 1,000 megawatt wind power club.


  1. John, do you see the Trend in increased Wind Power, continuing to Increase in PA? On a Recent trip home from Niagra Falls, I was AMAZED, at all the windmills, in the countryside through Southern and Western New York. Has Gamesa BOUGHT the land their Windmills are on,,,or do they Lease it? Do you know?

    Chris DeVol

  2. 2012 will see several more wind farms come on line in Pa. At least 2 more are now under construction that will begin operating in 2012. There will be probably an additional 2 to 6 wind farms next year.

    After 2012, it depends on power prices, advances in wind technology that drive down costs, federal tax policy, state policy.

  3. All wind power companies lease land. I don't know of any that buy the land. They pay good lease checks to landowners. Pay for each turbine on property.