Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NY Fracking Poll: Something For Everyone

Governor Cuomo somehow has maintained his popularity in NY, while shale gas drilling keeps its small plurality support  of 44-40.

Those are the two big conclusions from Siena University's new poll that surveys opinion about New York's political leaders and fracking.

Another interesting tidbit includes the finding that by a 51 to 33 margin the public trusts more the opponents of drilling than the supporters.

While it can seem that nobody talks much about anything other than Marcellus, the poll actually finds that in NY a full 24% are paying no attention to the discussion about opening shale drilling and another 23% are paying little attention.

18% of the NY public is paying a great deal of attention to the topic and 33% are paying some attention.  The portion of the public that is intensely focused on the issue is small:  a reminder to shale battlers of all stripes that for most people the shale battles are not front and center.


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