Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget: Facts of Sept. 11

Some emotions and memories are as permanent as the most indelible facts.  That is true of September 11, 2011, a day never to be forgotten and always to be remembered.

Part of that remembrance must be the facts that begin to describe the heroism, horror, and sorrow of the day.

Total killed 2,819.  Then 343 firefighters and paramedics killed.  Sixty New York Police Department and New York Port Authority officers killed.

Number of children who lost a parent was 3,051.  The number of countries who lost a citizen was 115.  20% of Americans new someone hurt or killed.

All these facts and more have been compiled by New York Mag ( at "9/11 by the numbers."

Thank you to the firefighters, police, paramedics who rushed into the horror and saved thousands and gave their lives in huge numbers.  No paycheck can begin to repay our debt.

Thank you to the passengers on Flight 93 that saved hundreds, possibly thousands, by fighting for control of the plane.

Thank you to the men and women of our Armed Forces who still bring to justice the terrorists that murdered.

Never forget.

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