Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wind Power Saves Oklahoma Utility Consumers $53 Million In First Year And Makes America Competitive

If you read faithfully the Wall Street Journal's editorial page, as I do, you will get a regular dose of columns and editorials bashing wind. Without fail, those columns are anti-wind and normally no better than poor propaganda, featuring faulty assumptions, factual inaccuracies, factual omissions, and outright falsehoods.

A common theme of the WSJ's anti-wind propaganda is that wind power allegedly drives up utility rates or power prices.  In fact, all over America wind power applies downward pressure to wholesale electricity prices, helps to limit retail rates, or actually cuts prices paid by utility consumers in some cases.

That is the case for utility consumers in Oklahoma, where wind power cut rates by $53 million.

That $53 million rate cut this year was just the first of several that wind power will deliver.  Wind power has always cut fuel costs that utility consumers must pay for coal, oil, gas, or uranium. Now wind's capital costs are also often lower than those of other power sources. And the huge amount of wind pumping into most wholesale electricity markets pushes down prices.

Wind power saves consumers money and makes America competitive.

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