Monday, February 3, 2014

Stunning Fact: PA Ranks 48th In Job Creation During 2013 & New York Creates 5 Times More Jobs

The latest job numbers confirm once again the jobs disaster in Pennsylvania that is now 3 years long.  Pennsylvania ranks 48th in jobs growth, for the period December 2012 to December 2013.

A truly awful 18,600 jobs were created during 2013 in the Commonwealth.  That stinks!

How badly does it stink? Well, without drilling one shale gas well, New York created 96,700 jobs during 2013, or more than 5 times as many as Pennsylvania.

Read Pennsylvania's jobs trend from 2010 to 2013 here and then weep:

2010--87,000 additional jobs created.

2011--45,000 additional jobs created.

2012--35,000 additional jobs created.

2013--18,600 additional jobs created.

Governors affect job creation. Ed Rendell's last year was 2010, when the Commonwealth added 87,000 jobs. 

Governor Corbett's first year was 2011, when job creation crashed to 45,000 jobs.  And the number of jobs created in the Commonwealth has kept crashing the longer Governor Corbett serves.

In addition to trailing New York in job creation, Pennsylvania under Corbett badly trails Delaware and Maryland, two more neighboring states with Democratic Governors. Delaware ranks 6th in job creation and Maryland 23rd.

Again Governors matter to job creation.

The cause of Pennsylvania's terrible job creation is Corbett's commitment to a conservative mixture of austerity policies for education, infrastructure, health care, economic development programs, and clean energy, while pursuing ineffective subsidies and tax cuts for favored constituencies.  That policy mixture has proven toxic to jobs creation in Pennsylvania.


  1. The job creation numbers are even worse, Gov Corbett and the Republicans billion dollar education cut has cost 20,000 jobs for teachers and support professionals across the state. It's time to admit austerity for working families and special breaks and deals doesn't create jobs.

    1. My 8-part Jobs Plan is at