Friday, February 14, 2014

Stunning Facts: PA Loses 1,100 Solar Jobs Even As Solar Jobs Increase 16% Nationally

Solar jobs are booming around the nation, with a national increase of 23,600, and solar jobs doubling in 18 states during 2013. The boom pushed America's solar jobs to more than 142,000 at the end of 2013.

The solar jobs news is good nearly everywhere but not in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania actually lost 1,100 solar jobs during 2013, leading the nation in destroying solar jobs.

Tom Corbett's drill-baby-drill energy policy and his austerity economics has caused Pennsylvania to be a jobs creation disaster. In 2010, the last year of Governor Rendell's term, Pennsylvania added 87,000 jobs. By 2013, the third year of Governor Corbett, job creation fell to 18,000, and the Commonwealth ranked 48th.

The 1,100 lost solar jobs in Pennsylvania during 2013 is part of Corbett's and Pennsylvania's terrible jobs record. Instead of losing 1,100 solar jobs, Pennsylvania should be part of the solar boom and would be with the policies that I support at


  1. Perhaps a lack of direct sunlight has a contribution to the loss of jobs in the solar industry in Pennsylvania.

    1. Solar jobs are increasing in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and other states with less solar resource than PA. The reason that solar jobs uniquely declined in PA is that Governor Corbett does not want them. Investment goes where it is wanted.