Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coal Slurry Spill Blackens 6 Miles Of Field Creek In WVA & 2 Gas Wells Explode

Coal spills and discharges of varying sorts happen thousands of times everyday somewhere in America.  While the toll on rivers and streams is high, virtually none of the daily discharges of acidic water and other pollutants make the news.

Yesterday, a coal slurry spill in West Virginia blackened 6 miles of Field Creek, and that did make the news, at least in WVA. Here is the link to the story:

Coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power must all be strongly regulated, zoned, and taxed, because they all impact the environment and pose safety risks. Indeed, yesterday a natural gas well exploded in a fireball in Pennsylvania, causing a fatality and injuries. Another exploded in North Dakota.

Yesterday was one more of our daily reminders why renewable energy and energy efficiency must be accelerated.

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