Monday, December 2, 2013

Record Facts: Biodiesel Production Booms To Record Pace

Biodiesel production is booming. During the third quarter of 2013, monthly production averaged about 125 million gallons, the highest quarterly production ever, and an annualized production level of 1.5 billion gallons.

While biodiesel production in 2013 will not reach 1.5 billion gallons, which would be 50% more than the 2012 level, biodiesel production this year is almost certain to set a new annual record. From April to September 2013, biodiesel production each month exceeded the amount produced in the same months during 2012.

Unlike gasoline that has a negative energy balance (it takes more energy to produce a gallon of gasoline for your car than it provides when used), biodiesel has a strongly positive energy balance. Its boom is good news for our environment and economy.

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