Monday, December 2, 2013

Green Power: Facebook's New Iowa Data Center Goes 100% Wind Power

Facebook's new Iowa Data Center will be powered 100% by wind power from one of Warren Buffett's Mid American wind farms. Facebook is a phenomenon and even makes investment decisions based partially on whether renewable energy is available. Don't believe that? Here is Facebook itself:
When we settled on Altoona as the location for our fourth data center, one of the deciding factors was the opportunity to help develop a new wind project in the state. The project brings additional investment and jobs to the region, and in effect it makes it possible, on an annualized basis, for 100% of our energy needs to be met entirely with one of Iowa’s most abundant renewable resources. We are committed to reaching 25% clean and renewable energy in our global data center mix in 2015, and we will continue to work with utilities and other partners on supply options for our other data centers."

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