Monday, December 9, 2013

Newt Gingrich Demolishes Conservative Attacks On Mandela In Remarkable Statement

This morning, let us sing praises for Newt Gingrich for taking on right-wing attacks on Nelson Mandela.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, listened in my earliest years to my father rage against the fascist, racist Apartheid regime of South Africa. I am in awe of Mandela's courage in putting his life on the line in the face of unrestrained brutality and tyranny. Then, after 27 years of rock breaking in terrible prisons and  the murders of countless friends, comrades and others, Mandela practices divine grace to lead black and white toward reconciliation.

Though most Americans have reacted to Mandela's death with respect, sorrow, even love, some conservatives have not. Now comes Newt Gingrich to demolish these right-wing attacks on Mandela.

Gingrich's statement is remarkable and begins with:

"Yesterday I issued a heartfelt and personal statement about the passing of President Nelson Mandela. I said that his family and his country would be in my prayers and Callista’s prayers. I was surprised by the hostility and vehemence of some of the people who reacted to me saying a kind word about a unique historic figure. So let me say to those conservatives who don’t want to honor Nelson Mandela, what would you have done?"

Gingrich's remarkable statement should be read by all and is here:

Thank you to Newt Gingrich for speaking well and strongly to America's conservatives.

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