Friday, September 14, 2012

US Biodiesel Production Jumps 43% & Joins US Energy Boom

Skyrocketing production makes biodiesel part of the on-going US energy boom and a small reason why US oil consumption is declining. America's biodiesel plants increased production by 43% in the first half of 2012, compared to January to June 2011.  Production reached 523 million gallons or 12.4 million barrels. 

US biodiesel production for the year will likely exceed 1 billion gallons or 25 million barrels.  That is the equivalent of a bit less than 4 days of US domestic oil production that too is increasing.

All of America's biodiesel plants have a capacity to produce 2.1 billion gallons or approximately 50 million barrels.  Pennsylvania's 6 plants can produce 91 million gallons.

Apart from the economic advantage of being a domestic transportation fuel that replaces a barrel of foreign oil for every barrel of biodiesel produced, biodiesel has environmental advantages over gasoline, including a much better energy balance.   It is already a small reason why America's oil imports, oil consumption, and carbon emissions are declining. 

More US biodiesel is good news for our environment, economy, and national security.


  1. What is this bio-diesel made from ?
    To what extent is it supported by subsidies and mandates ?

    1. Biodiesel is made from soybeans and grease. Biodiesel qualifies as a biofuel for the national biofuel standard and most state standards.

  2. Biodiesel made from soybeans causes price hikes for food. That's not so good news.
    We should not burn our food.