Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pathetic Facts: 519 Public CNG Stations In USA & Just 11 In PA After 5 Years Of Shale Boom

What does one say about these pathetic and dangerous facts? 

After 5 years of the shale gas boom and low-gas prices, and after 5 years of gasoline prices being consistently above $3, the USA has only 519 and PA just 11 public CNG fueling stations Also see

The odds of a military strike on Iran in the next 12 months are probably about 50%, and that means the probability of gasoline prices being above $5 in the next year is also about 50%.  Even if a war is avoided in the Persian Gulf, inexorably rising world oil demand is pushing global oil prices higher and higher.  One result of higher oil prices is lower US GDP growth, as the US economy stalls and even reverses, when Brent pricing hits $125.

The US remains over a barrel of expensive oil in large part, because there is no plan to accelerate greatly the deployment of the CNG fueling infrastructure necessary to enable families and companies to transition from oil. 

Here's an idea to end the paralysis.  How about the Congress of the United States putting country first by passing the Natural Gas Act (Pickens Plan)?  The bill has not even been given a vote in the US House of Representatives and was fillibustered by the Republican minority in the Senate so that the 51 votes it got in that chamber was 9 votes short of the needed 60 super majority.

Once again, party first politics. Pathetic and dangerous!

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