Friday, September 28, 2012

Important Fact: 69% of Sportsmen Say US Should Reduce Carbon Emissions

A major poll of sportsmen, those who hunt and fish, found that 50% are conservatives, 42% are Republicans, 32% Independents, and 18% Democrats.  And 69% of sportsmen want the US to reduce carbon emissions.  Thanks to gas, renewables, and efficiency, the US is doing so.
US emissions are back to 1992 levels or below, after declines in 4 of the last 5 years.

The poll also found that if confronted with a choice of fossil fuel production or protecting public lands, 49% of sportsmen would protect public lands and 35% would put fossil fuel production first.

Sportsmen are a key constituency that is disproportionately Republican.  Yet, the views of Sportsmen on climate and public land protection are at odds with the position taken by the Republican party. Their is growing tension between more and more rank and file Republicans and what their candidates and elected officials are doing or not doing about at least climate.  This bares watching.

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