Tuesday, May 22, 2012

G8 World Leaders Highlight Upcoming IEA "Golden Rules For Gas Report" To Be Released 5/29

It is not often that the G8 leaders--folks like Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande--tell us all what they will be reading in the coming month.  But that's what they did in part of their statement concluding their Camp David meetings.

The G8 world leaders will review a critical, upcoming report from the International Energy Agency about gas production and environmental safeguards that I and others have played a role in writing by submitting comments to a draft and by participating in a workshop to develop its content. The IEA's Special Report is entitled: "Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas."

The Report will be released on Tuesday, May 29 in London, Brussels, and Washington DC to the international media.

The upcoming Special Report was specifically mentioned by the G8 Leaders at their recently completed Camp David meeting.  The G8 leaders said:

"G8 Leaders recognized that the development of universal access to environmentally safe, sustainable, secure, and affordable sources of energy is essential to global economic growth and to their overall efforts to address climate change.  As such, they identified several actions for the G8 to take together:...
Welcome and agree to review the International Energy Agency's work on potential best practices for natural gas development as an input into our effort to share information on strategies for its environmentally safe and sustainable production.  http://www.g8.utoronto.ca/summit/2012campdavid/g8-energy-factsheet.html.

Though I have read and commented on a draft and participated in an IEA workshop to discuss what should be in the Report, I have not seen the final report.  I too will be reading the final version of the IEA's "Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas."

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