Monday, May 28, 2012

Facts For Memorial Day: To Remember And Honor

Since the American Revolutionary War from 1775-1783, Americans have died to found this nation and keep it free.  Total war US war deaths are 1,343,812.  Wikipedia lists 73 wars or military conflicts in which Americans died serving the nation.  Memorial Day is one, special day to remember them and their sacrifice.

While most Americans today live at peace, the nation remains at war, with the huge burdens of war placed narrowly on those who serve in our military and their families.  Multiple, repeated combat tours are a fact of life for our men and women in uniform.

Indeed, the war in Afghanistan continues into its 11th year, while the Iraq war ended in 2011, after more than 8 years.  Wikipedia ranks the combined Iraq and Afghanistan wars 7th in total US combat deaths and 9th in war deaths. 

The combined Iraq-Afghanistan US war deaths are at least 6,280.  Today, a solemn day, we remember them and all our war dead.

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