Monday, May 21, 2012

BP Moves Forward With Big PA Wind Farm: $300 Million Investment

While a few environmentalists cheered the news that 2 wind farms in Pennsylvania were being cancelled, BP likely caused the cheering to stop by breaking ground at the end of last week on the $300 million Mehoopany Wind Farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The Mehoopany wind farm will be 141 megawatts, consisting of 88 wind turbines that each generate 1.6 megawatts, costing about $2 per watt.  That is a competitive price for new power generation, especially since it will have zero fuel costs for the 25 years of its operating life.

Mehoopany will likely be the second biggest wind farm in Pennsylvania.  It will provide enough power for 40,000 homes.  Its power will emit zero carbon, mercury, soot, or any air or water pollution.

The Mehoopany wind farm will also employ 250 people, pay substantial lease payments to as many as 100 landowners, as well as significant state and local taxes.

The economic and environmental benefits of the Mehoopany wind farm projects are big and deserve loud cheering.  Indeed, most Pennsylvanians are doing so.

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