Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forbes Details How Gas Is Massively Cutting Carbon Pollution & Is Bewildered By Environmental Opposition

The AES Cayuga, Michigan power plant burns coal to generate electricity but it has not run since early March, according to Tim Worstall who details how shale gas is slashing carbon, nitrogen oxide, and sulphur dioxide pollution. Worstall's piece is a compelling, short read.

"Right now, with prices where they are, we're not economically viable," says Jerry Goodenough, the Cayuga plant manager, when explaining why the coal plant has not produced electricity for 2 months. Goodenough and Worstall gone on to explain how shale gas is causing coal plants not to run and even close.

Worstall catalogues the environmental benefits being delivered by shale gas --50% less carbon than coal; 67% less nitrogen oxide; and 99% less sulphur oxide.

After noting the enormous pollution reductions made possible by shale gas, Worstall ends by asking, why environmentalists oppose shale gas? Actually he asks, why do the "hippies" oppose shale gas?

Ouch and  well...

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