Friday, March 23, 2012

CNN Video On Landowners, Regulators, Rule Violations Worth Viewing

This CNN report has the virtue of raising an important issue--notice of rules violations to landowners by regulators and drilling companies.  It also shows the importance of drilling to landowners and how landowners vary in their views about the responsibilities of themselves and drilling companies with whom they do business.

The report captures the complexity, humanity, and risk of drilling.  It too is a reminder that the decision to drill is a major business decision, and any landowner should make it only after consulting qualified legal counsel.

My own view is that state regulators should provide a copy to landowners of violations issued to a drilling company operating on landowners' property.  I don't know what the practice of other states is on this subject and would like to know.

It, however, seems from the report the Pennsylvania DEP is considering plugging this notification and communication gap, and I hope that it does so.


  1. where to start...DEP continues to allow companies that have failed to drill safely-drill without leaks- to operate in our Commonwealth. The DEP states..failed casing, gas leaking in the well and the gas company says not true we did not do it and they continue on their way...we have a problem so telling the landowner about the drilling companies violation record and the fact that the DEP allowed them to continue to operate does what??? DEP gas failed miserably to set the right tone here in PA. Being "PARTNERS" with the industry does not work. The E in DEP stands for enabler. We know what the P stands for...politics.

  2. Yoko, do you think that if you get a speeding ticket you should automatically have your drivers license revoked?