Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stunning Fact: $2.69 Per Watt For Solar In 2012

The solar revolution of competitively priced solar systems has arrived 5 years ahead of schedule.

A revolutionary $2.69 per watt will be the global average solar price for an installed system during 2012.  See page 5 of the report. Just wow!  At that price, solar competes with grid power in many locations in the world and USA.

The global average price was $3.47 per watt during 2011 and is projected to decline another 20% during 2012.

It is impossible to overstate the implications for world energy supply and energy industries of a $2.69 solar price in 2012 that will go below $2 per watt in about 5 years.  These solar prices make solar energy as big an energy story as shale gas.  Amazingly, most politicians and more than a few in the energy industry remain unaware.

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