Friday, March 30, 2012

Read Professional Analysis Of EPA Dimock Test Results

B.F. Environmental Consultants recently submitted a great comment to this blog's March 21 posting about Answers to Kate Sinding's Questions about EPA's Dimock water test results for 11 homes that linked to the firm's analysis of the EPA water tests.

The B.F. Environmental Consultants analysis is consistent with the EPA finding that the samples of water in the 11 homes was safe to drink, though at least one home had methane levels that required venting and were unsafe (methane itself is not toxic).  The analysis finds that iron and manganese--secondary drinking water pollutants and not health standards--were above established levels.  B.F.Environmental Consultants note that high levels of iron and manganese are common in water wells and can be relatively easily remedied with available water treatments.  They also note that iron and manganese can affect the appearance or color of water.

I recommend the B.F. Environmental Consultants' analysis to you.


  1. The most common standards used to assess water quality relate to health of ecosystems, safety of human contact and drinking water.