Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Polling Thrills For Republicans: Obama Approval Hits Record Low In CBS Poll

With Alabama and Mississippi voting tonight, the CBS poll released last night should encourage Republicans and be a cold shower for Democrats who increasingly need one.

CBS has the President's approval at 41%, down from 50% last month.  www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-57395703-503544/poll-obamas-approval-rating-sinks-to-new-low/?tag=cbsContent;cbsCarousel.  The 41% approval is a record low in the CBS poll. The poll had a 47% disapproval number for the President..

While I do think the recent increase in gas prices probably has hurt the President a bit, I have my doubts that the President's numbers fell 9 points in one month.

 I suspect the President's approval is somewhere between 44% and 48%.  Gallup in fact yesterday had  Obama's approval rating rising to 49%.  www.gallup.com/poll/153194/Obama-Job-Approval-Rating-Reaches-Weekend.aspx.

The Republican nomination, nonetheless, remains valuable, as long as the President's approval rating is below 50%, and it seems to be so this morning, no matter what poll one reads.

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