Thursday, November 3, 2011

One-Stop Shop For Studies Debunking Howarth

Professor Howarth's study continues to be cited as the definitive study on the carbon emissions of gas compared to coal.  This reality is distressing.  The study damages science and betrays the climate by falsely saying that "gas is as dirty as coal," when all other studies conclude that coal emits twice the carbon as gas on a life cycle basis.

I have blogged on nearly all the studies debunking Howarth--Carnegie Mellon University, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Worldwatch Institue, University of Maryland.  My postings on these studies are in the blog archives, with August being a rich month.

But if you want a One-Stop Shop for studies debunking Howarth, go to:

No matter one's views, perhaps too hopefully, I hope that the discussion on gas is not at a point where the end sought justifies the means of touting false information to mislead good people.  No matter who enagages in that behavior, the whistle should be blown loudly for a red card foul.

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