Thursday, November 10, 2011

DOE Shale Gas Committee Unhappy With Pace of Addressing Environmental Issues

The Secretary of Energy Advisory Board chaired by John Deutch just released its Second Ninety Day Report and is rattling bureaucratic and industry cages.  It plainly is willing to fuss to prevent the 20 recommendations in its August 18th report from being disappeared by the typical Washington DC fog and bog that have banished to not remembered irrelevance countless other reports and recommendations from federal advisory groups.

The SEAB means business, saying "that progress to date is less than the subcommittee hoped" on implementing 20 recommendations in the August 18th Initial Report.  At page 4 of the Second Report released today, the SEAB states: "Absent action there will little credible progress in toward reducing the environmental impact of shale gas production, placing at risk the benefits of this domestic energy source." See  Also see

The SEAB Second Report divides its 20 recommendations into 3 groups: 9 recommendations that can be primarily implemented by the federal government; 4 recommendations that can be primarily implemented by state governments; and 6 recommendations that require new partnerships and mechanisms for successful implementation.

The SEAB will have on November 14th a conference call meeting on its Second Ninety Day Report.  This report is again challenging, but the wise would rise to the challenge posed by the SEAB.

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