Friday, November 25, 2011

Driving A Volt

Thanksgiving Day was the first time I drove about 10 miles fully on electricity. I did so in my sister and her husband's Chevy Volt, and I thank General Motors for pushing forward auto technology.

My previous approximately 600,000 miles of driving since 1973 were all fueled with gasoline, blended with ethanol in the last few years, and mainly in hybrids since 2005. The Prius that I often drive "idles" on electricity and runs on electricity at very low speeds.

The Volt in all electricity mode is a joy to drive--great acceleration, quiet, comfortable, and saving about 10 cents every mile.

The Volt comes with a 25-foot extension cord, an electric charging port, and gasoline tank. It can charge in 10 hours from a 110 household outlet, 4 hours from a 220 outlet, and travel on just electricity for 38 to 40 miles. It is the perfect commuter car but with the ability to go on long trips.

The Volt's total range with the gasoline engine is about 320 miles. Great car! It is one more practical way to break our addiction to oil.

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  1. John, I just bought a Chevy Volt also and I too would like to thank General Motors for advancing electric vehicle technology. The Volt is a great car. If you can keep your travel to under 35 miles/day you can go forever without buying gas. Also I want anyone who may be on the fence about buying a Volt to know that the state of Pennsylvania is offering a $3500.00 rebate for the first 500 Alternative Fuel Vehicles sold in this state. This is in addition to the $7500.00 Federal tax credit. Please see Thanks.