Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Congratulations to Coach K on 903 From This Duke Alum

Prior to the arrival of Coach K, I graduated from Duke Unviersity in 1979 officially with majors in public policy studies and history but arguably with a third major in college basketball.   Last night Coack K, who began coaching at Army and then Duke in 1981, set the record for career NCAA Division 1 wins at 903, when Duke beat Michigan State at Madison Square Garden.

Congratulations to Coach K on the landmark.

Yet, the complicated, awful Duke Lacrosse affair and  events at PSU are a reminder that what happens on the field at any level is unimportant compared to what happens off the field.    Sports motivate people, are fun, build health, make different people interact with each other, and foster critical personal traits.  Sports done right are much more than wins and losses.  Sports done wrong are just about wins and losses.

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