Friday, March 25, 2011

Nuclear Power Booming In China

The news from Fukushima remains grim, but the on-going boom in new nuclear plants in China is not likely to reverse.  China now has 13 reactors operating that provides just 2% of its electricity but has an amazing 27 under construction, with another 50 planned. China's portion of power coming from nuclear power will grow but is not likely to reach this decade the 20% of electricity nuclear provides in America.

China is almost desperate for new power to supply its economy that grows at about 10% per year and has heavily relied on coal often combusted in plants with limited environmental controls.  Fouled air and water has been a result.  China also now is the highest, global emitter of carbon emissions.

With the need for more power and less soot, smog, mercury, arsenic, lead and heat trapping gas pollution, China is turning to nuclear power and may well have more than 100 nuclear plants operating within a decade.

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