Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1 Million Electric Customers Now Shopping In PA

The Public Utility Commission reports that 1,001,062 customers have now switched to competitive electric suppliers.  Go to  There are 5,650,102 total customers in Pennsylvania.

Wide variation in the percentage of customers shopping, however, exists.

Residential shopping ranges from less than 1% in Metropolitan Edison, Pennelec, and West Penn Power to 41.7% of residential load in PPL service territory and to 76% in Pike County, a small service territory.

The biggest customers or the highest load customers have disproportionately switched so that 5 service territories--Peco (49%), Penn Power (50%), Duquesne (64%), PPL (68%), and Pike (62%)--have now 49% or more of their electricity supplied by competitive suppliers.

Looking at just the industrial class of customers, 70% to 96% of the industrial load is now supplied by competitive suppliers.

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