Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japanese Disaster and Fukushima Reprice Uranium, Gas, Oil, Renewables

The price of uranium is down 30% and natural gas in many global regional markets is up 10% as energy markets reprice fuels to take into account the impact of Fukushima.

The markets indicate less nuclear power and more gas usage to take its place.

The Japanese disaster has actually put downward pressure on oil prices at least in the short run just about offsetting the upward pressure of the Libyan supply disruption.

Japan is using 1 million barrels a day less oil or 25% less than its pre-disaster 4 million barrels per, as the world's 3rd largest economy slows sharply. 

Once Japan stabilizes and begins rebuilding, probably about 6 months from now, Japanese demand for oil will likely increase again.

What about renewable energy?  Zero fuel cost remains zero. 

But shares of renewable energy companies have seen about a 20% increase as a result of the Japanese disaster and Fukushima.

Markets are repricing.

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