Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fukushima's Worst Fact Yet

The news from Fukushima gets worse.  Twenty Five miles from Fukushima cesium 137 levels have reached  more than twice the levels the Soviets used to decide whether or not land around Chenobyl should be abandoned, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency which is doing testing. 

The IAEA team found radioactivity at 3.7 million becquerels per square meter and the Chernobyl standard for land abandonment was 1.48 million.  Of all the disturbing facts out of Fukushima since March 11th, this one is the worst yet.

It is now probable that a substantial area around the plant will be unsafe to inhabit for decades and that thousands will experience health impacts, as the Japanese government still has not required evacuations to the 50 mile radius recommended now for more than a week by the American government.

Those following my Fukushima posts know that once the first hydrogen explosion happened at Fukushima on March 12th, I have believed that the facts indicated a terrible disaster.  By March 14th events clearly marked Fukushima as more serious than TMI, and by March 16th Fukushima was akin to or in the same category as Chernobyl .

Each day Fukushima releases more radiation to the environment, and there is no clear ending point.

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