Friday, March 8, 2013

Stunning Fact: USA Has $1.63 Billion Solar, Wind, Smart Energy Trade Surplus With China!

The Chinese overall have a whopping trade surplus with the US, with the Chinese exporting $4 to the USA for every $1 the US exports to China.  But Uncle Sam's huge trade deficit with China turns into a $1.63 billion trade surplus in 3 surprising categories--solar, wind, and smart energy--in the latest available data.

While the Chinese make solar panels and export them to us, we send to them high value inputs like capital equipment and polysilicon and wafers used to make solar cells.  In fact, during 2011, the US had a $913 million solar trade surplus with China.  Surprising and good news, indeed.

The USA also had a $571 million surplus on smart energy products, mainly from capital equipment for the manufacture of light emitting diodes (LED), and even a $146 million wind surplus.

The Pew Report found the total clean energy trade between the USA and China amounted to $8.5 billion. These numbers remind that clean energy is even a big export business for the USA.

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