Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Fact: China Passes US As World's Biggest Importer Of Oil

In December 2012, America no longer was the world's biggest importer of oil. China was.

That's great news for the US! Let the Chinese become the most oil import dependent nation in the world.

America's net oil imports are being driven down by surging domestic oil production, surging substitution of oil by gas, biofuels, and electricity, and surging efficiency of oil usage.  The result is falling oil imports and falling oil consumption in the US.  That's great medicine for our economy, environment, and national security.

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  1. Funny how we see things differently. I am sad at this. I never dreamed when I was a young American in the 70's that we would still be using fossil fuels in 2013.. Don't be a fossil! We all live on one planet-Earth. There is no "away" place. We are on this ride together.